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In December 2016 National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) was closed on 7 weeks notice by the Turnbull Coalition Government. My only insight into the rationale was a media comment in The Guardian Australia 3/11/16 that despite providing funding to (NCPIC) "National Drug Strategy Household Survey data from 2013 had shown the lifetime prevalence of cannabis use had remained fairly constant over the past 20 years, he said. As a result, funding would not be renewed when the current funding agreement expires on 31 December. This decision was consistent with current national drug policy, the spokesman said. “There is a need to consider a more holistic, responsive and current approach to the provision of drug and alcohol research and information needs of the drug and alcohol sector and the community that is broader than focusing on a single substance,” he said.”

I eagerly await this development but in a time of Australia's unique program of legalisation of prescription medicinal cannabis use, and internationally patterns of increasing cannabis use, particularly the riskier pattern of daily use, I have chosen to take on this website as a voluntary project to maintain the resources to the community.

I greatly appreciate UNSW agreeing to provide me with a license to use the resources my colleagues and I developed over the past 25 years of research in the field of brief interventions, especially the nine years of NCPIC, to once again make them available to you.

The opinions expressed here are purely my own. As I have no funding it is not possible to remove every reference/logo related to NCPIC or update as frequently as when a staff of 4 looked after the website. If you would like particular information developed for the site or just to support me in the hosting and related costs please contact me on [email protected] I will add training and other sections back to the website in due course but training-related activities will no longer be free of charge. A GoFundMe page is linked to the Donate page where any small assistance will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to discuss a print run of our clinical resources that may be possible at commercial rates.


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