‘I’m so fancy’ – how weed can affect your looks

Don’t smoke away your looks! Why quitting weed is a great natural beauty tip.

How weed can affect your looks

Picture yourself – all dressed up ready for a night out – phone in hand and ready for some selfies. Chances are you’ve already taken 10, deleted 9 and posted that perfect one on Instagram and Facebook… Now imagine you’re at your boyfriend’s house, you decide to have a quick joint but you never quite make it out the door – by now your hair’s a mess, your eyeliner’s looking a little bit ‘panda’ and your killer heels are under a pile of pizza boxes over by the TV. It didn’t seem to matter at the time – except that his best mate thinks it will be funny to snap you in all your glory, stoned and sprawled over the sofa – and post it online...

Caving in: peer pressure to start smoking weed

A lot of girls try their first joint or bong in the company of their boyfriend and his mates – so if you did, or felt tempted to, you’re not alone. Often you are one of only a few girls in the group and there is a fair amount of pressure on you to have a puff. It can seem like a bit of a laugh and a good way to show your boyfriend and his mates that you’re laid back and won’t spoil their fun. The problem is that by joining in, you’re exposing yourself to a lot of the not-so-cool aspects of weed.

The effects of marijuana can be unpredictable

Weed affects people differently – it can make some people relaxed and talkative and others sleepy and quiet. It can give you the munchies (hence the empty pizza boxes), or it can make you sick! Some users experience anxiety and paranoia and some unfortunate people can even ‘green out’. This is where you feel extremely nauseous, faint and freak out. It goes without saying that weed also damages your lungs and can even trigger mental illnesses like schizophrenia in people with a predisposition to the illness.

Top natural beauty tips: weed isn’t great for your looks or health

If none of this makes you want to quit weed, just imagine what it’s doing to how you look, smell and age. Weed is most definitely not good for your looks. A staggering deer in headlights, topped off with bloodshot eyes, stained teeth and pot-breath is not most young women’s idea of ‘I’m so fancy’, and while some of these things certainly won’t happen overnight, prolonged use can have a serious impact on you. As a prime example, check out our oral health factsheet, which explains the effect of heavy, long-term use on your teeth and gums – the result is certainly not a killer smile! Adding to the more obvious physical effect, users can develop a phlegmy, mucusy cough and long-term use can seriously affect motivation – meaning no drive to keep up your exercise program after all those munchies!

Try quitting weed and get healthy!

Beauty aside, while some people enjoy it, and many will swear it’s safe and doesn’t have long-term effects, smoking weed just isn’t a healthy lifestyle habit to develop. Kick the habit – or the boyfriend if necessary, and get healthy! Sleep, nutritious food, exercise and a positive mind-frame are the best ingredients for happiness. So go ahead – give quitting weed a go, or avoid it in the first place, and embrace your health – after all, smoking weed just isn’t pretty.