Driving stoned FAQ

A no-nonsense list of frequently asked questions about driving stoned.

I drive slower when stoned - doesn't that make me a better driver?

Are you compensating for the effect of cannabis on some of your other skills? Driving slower doesn’t mean that your coordination, reaction time or focus improves!

Is driving stoned really that dangerous?

Research shows driving stoned increases your risk of crashing by up to 3oo%.

What testing has been done to prove cannabis effects driving?

Extensive research has been carried out to determine the risks of driving stoned. This research has included lab tests on the effects on skills required to drive, simulation tests and field studies. You can find out more by reading our factsheet on cannabis and driving.

How many people drive stoned?

While the rate of driving stoned is high for recent users (one NSW survey found 78% of recent users had driven stoned, 27% saying they did it weekly), for those outside this high-risk group, driving stoned is rare, and the rate is actually decreasing.

How much weed can I safely use before driving?

None! While cannabis affects everyone differently, if you’re not at a strong state of alertness or properly aware of your surroundings – you could hurt yourself or others!

Is it legal to smoke weed then drive?

No, it is illegal to be stoned while you’re driving. Police conduct random roadside drug testing (like RBTs), and can detect THC (from cannabis) in you for hours after use.

How does a random roadside test work?

A policeman will ask you to run a swab down the inside of your mouth and will then test the swab for THC (from cannabis). If it comes up positive, you’ll need to take another, more precise test for confirmation, after which, you may be charged.