AOD toolkit

Resources for alcohol and other drug workers.

Smoke Signals mental health and cannabis use pack

The worksheets in the Smoke Signals series are designed to be used with young people who have symptoms of mental illness and who misuse cannabis, as well as alcohol or other drugs. They give practical strategies for helping young people with common symptoms of mental illness and alcohol or drug misuse. The strategies are based on motivational interviewing (collaboration and respecting autonomy), psychoeducational approaches (learning about available treatment options) and cognitive behavioural approaches (behavioural disputation of negative cognitions through activity).

You can download Smoke Signals for free in our NCPIC shop.

Cannabis makes the grade: AOD training resource

Cannabis Makes the Grade: A resource to support the development of a ‘cannabis competent’ workforce in the AOD sector, developed by NCETA. This resource provides guidance to VET practitioners, from frontline trainers and course coordinators through to RTO managers, on where and how to incorporate cannabis-related content into AOD training.
The resource uses units of competencies from AOD qualifications in the Community Services Training Package as a mechanism to organise cannabis training content and assessment activities. Training content is aligned to elements and performance criteria, while assessment activities are aligned to underpinning skills and knowledge. 
Three Units of Competency from the AOD qualifications in the Community Services Training Package are provided as a guide to how cannabis content can be folded into teaching programs. Cannabis-specific learning and assessment activities, aligned to the elements of competency and underpinning skills and knowledge in the units, are provided.
The resource is accompanied by a set of PowerPoint slides for VET practitioners to use when incorporating cannabis content into their teaching program.

Young people and cannabis use training package

This training package has been developed to assist workers in the field to gain up-to-date information on cannabis the drug, how it is used by young people and to help workers to gain confidence and competence in dealing with the young people they come into contact with who want to change their cannabis use.

You can download this resource for free in our NCPIC shop.

Online resources for quitting

NCPIC has a range of online resources developed specifically to help people in different situations quit.

Clear your vision website

A do-it-yourself guide for quitting cannabis.

Joint Effort

Grab a mate and support each other as you leave weed behind!

Reduce your use

A free online program to help you cut down on cannabis use. 

Cannabis Withdrawal Scale

A short questionnaire that identifies the level of withdrawal symptoms in cannabis users who are trying to quit. 

AOD resources

NCPIC has developed a range of free, printed and online resources for you to share with your clients. Resources provide information about cannabis and the short-term and long-term effects of use, quitting and conversations. Our free AOD resources can be found in our free NCPIC shop.

Clearing the Smoke DVD, Educator's Kit and PowerPoint

This cannabis information awareness resource is designed to be used by alcohol and other drug workers and allied health workers in areas such as mental health, law enforcement, youth and social work. The DVD and website feature in-depth interviews with Australian experts on topics including cannabis use in Australia, cannabis potency, the impact of cannabis use on mental health, and cannabis dependence. The Educator's Kit and PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded and the free DVD may be ordered from our NCPIC shop.