Research Summaries

Fully referenced papers that cover a range of topics from criminal justice, to psychosis, drug treatment and parenting influences.

Research into practice brief 3

Tackling cannabis markets in residential settings

Katie Willis

Research into practice brief 4

Managing community perceptions of drug problems, crime and policing

Katie Willis

Research into practice brief 5

Guidance points to assist police in improving collaboration and partnership-building for more effective cannabis enforcement

Alexandra Gannoni

Research into practice brief 6

Developing a quality cannabis-themed intelligence product

Katie Willis

AIC Research into Practice Brief 7

Prevalence and issues relating to cannabis use among prison inmates: Key findings from Australian research since 2001

Jason Payne, Sarah Macgregor & Hayley McDonald

AIC Research into Practice Brief 8

Attitudes and perceptions towards drug driving amongst a sample of cannabis using police detainees

Synthetic cannabis

Prevalence of use among offenders, perception of risk and negative side effects experienced

Sarah Macgregor and Jason Payne

Cannabis use and market indicators

A comparison between detainees from Australia and the United States

Hayley McDonald and Sarah Macgregor; Australian Institute of Criminology

Cannabis use and mental health

Findings from a sample of offenders in police custody

Sarah Macgregor and Jason Payne; Australian Institute of Criminology

Improving our understanding of Australian cannabis markets

Katie Willis, Melanie Simpson & Josh Sweeney

Assessing the impact of police on cannabis markets

Katie Willis and Amanda McAtamney

Policing cannabis and other illicit substances

In remote Indigenous Australian communities

Amanda McAtamney & Katie Willis

Polydrug use among cannabis users

Amanda McAtamney and Katie Willis

Intermediate court-based diversion in Australia

Katie Willis and Jennifer Ahmad

Cannabis supply and consumption of other drugs

Findings from the DUMA program: Impact of reduced cannabis supply on the consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol

Police drug diversion in Australia

Jennifer Ogilvie and Katie Willis

Policing and cannabis use in Australia

Julia Tresidder and Carly Shaddock

Very Brief Interventions

20 minutes or less: evidence of the need for a very brief intervention (VBI) for cannabis users

Young Men and Yarndi:

A pilot to diffuse information on cannabis, its use and potential risks among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Raising awareness about cannabis

Its use and impact on health and wellbeing among Indigenous Australians

Research into Practice Brief 1

What does program effectiveness mean in relation to drug diversion initiatives?

Katie Willis

Research into practice brief 2

‘What works’ in the policing of street-level cannabis markets?

Katie Willis